Planning your Financial future

“We aim to help people plan for the future and enjoy the wealth they accumulate along the way.”

James King

We all need to plot our way through the ups and downs of our financial lives.
We all know both will happen.

You are likely to be someone who already understands and appreciates that making plans for you and your family is essential to ensure you have enough to pay for retirement, and to do the things you always planned. To live your dreams.

Life doesn’t always work out as you expect though. During the most difficult of times in life, as well as the good ones, our role is to reassure you that there’s a solution to everything and all can work out well. We’ll help communicate with family and friends. To introduce the right professionals to handle the unexpected. To make sure that together, we have a plan in place for the future. Whatever it may bring.

As you navigate our website, you’ll see most of the advice we provide covers all types of investment. All of course are important, but without a clear understanding of what your objectives are, the pressures influencing your life, and the life plans you have, their importance could come in second.

Either way it will become most important that, in whatever time and order they cross the line, a plan is what gets us all across that line. The big question is where to start. A highly acclaimed financial planner and mentor once showed me a very simple way to explain what we do for people. It has stayed with me throughout my career helping my clients to achieve their goals.


Anne Wood

We have worked with James both at Price Bailey and latterly in his new company for the last 12 years. Throughout the entire period, he has been and continues to be a reassuring positive influence. 

We have total confidence in his advice both for ourselves in business and as pensioners with some relative complex issues to resolve. Equally he has been of the utmost help to our family in safeguarding trusts and guiding investment in new business. He takes an assured and friendly interest in all our family concerns against the wider issues of the family business.

We are able to relax knowing that James’s advice keeps us safe even in the unprecedented difficulties presented by economic lockdown. He is a most valued and trustworthy financial advisor.

Helen Hadfield

James was recommended to me by someone I consider  a  dear friend and trusted advisor for over 30 years, a recommendation like that inspires trust and James does not disappoint. Certainly he understands his market but he also works hard to understand his clients and put their needs and requirements at the forefront  to create a package uniquely tailored to them.

His attention to detail and the personal care he takes inspires and builds the trust which is so critical in this area. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Chris Barlow

Since selling my business over ten years ago, James has guided me through the myriad of investment options available and has made sure I haven’t had to go back to full-time work again.

In fact, if I’d applied less thought of my own, been less selective of James’ advice and just done everything he said then I’m sure I’d be even better off, but I’m not complaining.

More recently we moved to a mutually convenient change in the way we work together whereby I continue to take advantage of James’ advice, but save costs by carrying out much of execution myself on one of the low-cost platforms, which I anticipate will work -particularly for well for long-term investing. I trust James and I trust his advice.

Paul Lincoln

My wife and I have benefited from the excellent financial advice that we have received from James over the past 17 years. It is always tailored to our situation and needs. Through good economic times and bad, James is extremely well informed about the market, investment opportunities and risks. We meet In person twice a year to review and plan and he is quick to respond to calls and queries. He is friendly and approachable and is supported by a very helpful and efficient team.

James has a rounded and balanced approach which we trust and can thoroughly recommend to others.

Peter Gillman

We are living in turbulent times and never has it been more important to have a trusted advisor for your investment and pension needs. Financial Services remains an industry where trust can be misplaced quite easily and knowing your advisor is essential.

I have known James King for many years and following my retirement, James has handled my financial planning. He knows me and my wife personally, he understands our long term financial and personal objectives and our attitude to risk and his advice is always relevant to our needs. Most importantly James avoids jargon and a meeting with him is both informative and fun. I do not hesitate to recommend James and King Financial Planning.

Frances Sword

My father was clever and cautious with his hard earned money. When he was 91 and coming to the end of his life he told me that when he died I should make contact with James King, because “James understands everything about my finances”. This was a great surprise, he had never trusted anyone before to help him with his money. When the time came and I got to know James I totally understood why James had won his trust.

James is intelligent, informed and caring, a rare combination; he cares about his clients as individuals and families and this informs every aspect of how he facilitates their financial planning. James does not pretend, he says it how it is and in this complex, changing world to have someone of his character, with his knowledge and intelligence working for your benefit, that is a great thing. I would recommend James whole heartedly to anyone.

Putting us together

About who you are

Whatever stage of your life, you’ll have one eye on the present making sure everything is covered in a timely manner – and the other on the future, making sure you can do everything you have worked your life to achieve

You may run a great small business or even be a Corporate Executive; you might be a farmer or a baker, or maybe even a candlestick maker. But whatever your profession, you’ve been careful with your money so far. However, maybe now you need it to work harder for you to get to the next level; to make sure it’s still around for you when you retire – to do the garden, play golf, look after the horses or spend months away on the yacht.

Having had a happy and comfortable life so far, you now want to make sure that the achievements of your life so far are adequately protected. Most peoples lives split in three, the early third, trying to establish yourself, spending income on life. The second part is often spent preparing for the third. The part when few of us still earn. Part one and two generally need to fund part three.

About Planning

Financial planning is the crucial process of establishing your goals and targets so that you can evaluate the costs of achieving them. It helps you to plan what you need to put aside from your income to achieve and hit them.

When life is good, and money is in surplus, it takes discipline and strength of mind to make sure you had calculated accurately to ensure you put aside enough capital to meet the plan for the last third of your life, the one when you will become reliant on the funds to keep you in the style to which you have become accustomed.

When life is good and money is in surplus, it can take great discipline and strength of mind to accurately calculate the amount of capital needed to put aside to meet the plan for the last third of your life. At this stage, you will become reliant on the funds to keep you in the style to which you have become accustomed.

About who KING FP are

We are Regulated Independent Financial Advisers who understand all about planning for your future life, who know all about the ups and downs that can happen in life and help you budget to cope.

KingFP will help you to set your goals to include everything you want to achieve for the rest of your life, whether still working or close to retirement. Our team has over 30 years experience helping clients to identify all the things some forget, that they need to cater for during or after life at work.

KingFP will listen and then take all your input to put together a plan to achieve. You may decide the measures are not enough to fund a lifestyle you were looking forward to, but now with a plan you can see what can be done, and what may prove more difficult. 

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